My friend Ayu R. Amalia (shes on my FB) wrote
Fear is knocking on my window
when my spirit is low
It’s making an exquisite show
of how my life may turn to be a flop show.

My mind is freezing
my limbs are numb
My heart is racing
It feels paralyzing.

I don’t like the feeling
when fear makes me bow down
because I’m not a weakling.
The alarm in me is going ring ding ding

the charm is broken
when the words are spoken
“Fear, I’m going to be open.
I have an option
to turn the situation.
We shall see who is the master of this person.”
and in reply i wrote
Fear knocking at yr window
when yr spirit is low?
No no I think its too beware
to knock at yr door
Just peeping thru yr window
not yet ready to give a blow
For u r being protected
safe and sound
with ample courage
Knowledge profound!

Your little mind is freezing
with limbs numb & heart racing!!!!
Aha ………. sheer paralyzing
Thought it is!!!!
Let it come and Go!

Its only a low feeling
that makes u feel bow down
and u said u can hear the Alarm
ring Ding dong, Ding ding dong!!!!

The charm is broken, when words r spoken
Hurray!!!! here you r staring at Fear
face to face with Eyes firm open!!!

U choose to fight
with courage and delight!!!!




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